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Davis Global Construction, based in Birmingham, Michigan, specializes in premium roofing, carpentry, repositioning, flooring, and full-spectrum interior and exterior services for both commercial and residential clients. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to turning your construction dreams into reality with unwavering quality and precision.


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Secure and beautify your property with our premium roofing services, tailored to withstand Michigan's diverse weather.



Our bespoke carpentry services bring precision craftsmanship and timeless design to every inch of your space.



Revitalize your property's layout with our strategic repositioning services, enhancing functionality and flow.



From luxurious hardwoods to modern tiles, our flooring solutions lay the groundwork for your interior's elegance and durability.



Transform the heart of your property with our comprehensive interior services, creating spaces that reflect your style and needs.



Elevate your property's curb appeal with our exterior services, ensuring a lasting impression with quality finishes and materials.

Who We ARe

Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction expertise means creating cutting-edge, functional spaces where businesses thrive and grow.

Gov Sponsored Projects

We partner with government entities to deliver infrastructure projects that stand as pillars of community development and progress.

Custom Residential

We specialize in crafting custom residential homes that are as unique as each of our clients, with meticulous attention to detail and personalization.

Why Work With Us

Choosing Davis Global Construction means partnering with a team that's as invested in the success of your project as you are, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail from start to finish. With our track record of reliability, innovative solutions, and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee a construction experience that is seamless, efficient, and exceeds expectations.

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Our Latest Projects

Discover our recent projects, a testament to our dedication to excellence and the latest achievements in our diverse construction expertise.

Roof Replacement in Grand Blanc

Custom Home in Scenic Valley

Custom Home in Scenic Valley

Government Partnership Construction

We've Proud Trusted Customers

"The quality of their work not just me but it exceeded my expectations.
Their process was easy and straight forward.
They handled everything from beginning to end."

Ronald R.

"I would really recommend this company in a heartbeat. They're very professional from the workmanship all the way up though the customer service. It just changed the whole look of the house they made it look a little richer, I am really happy with how it turned out."

Steve W.

"Our new roof just feels like a new home, It's beautiful. I would recommend them because they are professional and easy to work with and their customer service is great."

Nicole G.