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Our Values

We are a members-only Private Equity Club of global investors committed to nurturing meaningful relationships, preserving wealth through value investing, promoting personal growth, and celebrating global cultures. Together, we invest with purpose, aiming to enrich lives and foster a better future.

Meaningful Relationships

We prioritize meaningful relationships to improve quality of life and build supportive communities.

Wealth Preservation

We ensure wealth preservation through stability and conservative risk management.

Personal Growth

We advocate for personal growth through mind, body, and spirit.

Celebrating Culture

We celebrate culture by embracing diversity, traditions, and creative expressions globally.

Who we are

Our club is for those looking to shift their investments from the volatility of the traditional stock market, providing unique access to exclusive opportunities not found elsewhere. We are a tight-knit collective of global investors, committed to the principles of long-term, value investing. Our ethos is built on the foundation of uplifting humanity and maximizing human potential through strategic community investments.

Our members are united by a shared belief in the transformative power of capital, not just for personal wealth, but as a means to contribute positively to the broader world. In joining Davis Global, you're not just investing in assets; you're becoming part of a community dedicated to nurturing meaningful relationships, preserving wealth, fostering personal growth, and celebrating the rich diversity of cultures around the globe.

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What We Do

Investment Alternatives

We invest in off-market opportunities, focusing on value investing and community impact. Our approach prioritizes wealth preservation, personal and cultural enrichment, building a network of investors committed to making a difference. Empower yourself to diversify your financial future and multiply success through strategic investment choices. Our Entrance Fund © strategically comprises a diversified portfolio of tangible assets, including Multifamily Real Estate, Land Development, and Government Receivables.

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Investor Hub

Zero Fee Policy

Our success is directly tied to the success of our investors. That's why we have implemented a zero-fee policy for our Entrance Fund ©. This policy aligns our interests with our investors, making us uniquely investor-centric which focuses on preserving your wealth.

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Our Offerings

Our Entrance Fund © is meticulously designed to preserve capital while offering an 8% quarterly annual return, acting as a gateway for investors seeking stability and long-term income. Additionally, Davis Global provides co-investment opportunities, allowing members to directly engage in higher-yield private deals, leveraging the collective expertise and resources of our exclusive investor community to access ventures with promising returns and significant impact on preserving your wealth.

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Investor Community Benefits

Members of Davis Global enjoy exclusive investment opportunities, access to a global network of peers, and invitations to growth events. Benefits extend to enhanced lifestyle and travel, fostering a vibrant community united by shared values and a commitment to impactful investing.

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Investing is Fast and Easy

The entire process typically takes between two to four business days, depending on the complexity of your financial situation and the volume of applications we are processing.

Step 1: Receive an Exclusive Invitation

Your pathway to Davis Global begins with an exclusive invitation to join our club. This privilege is extended to individuals whose investment philosophy and values align with ours, ensuring a community of like-minded members dedicated to impactful investing.

Step 2: Submit Your Membership Application

Upon receiving your invitation, you will be prompted to complete our membership application process. This essential step involves providing the necessary information to establish your investor profile and integrate you into our exclusive network, typically completed in about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Engage & Explore

Welcome to Davis Global, where you now stand among a select group of global investors. Dive into a world of exclusive investment opportunities and community benefits, including high-yield private deals and enriching networking events. Stay informed with our quarterly updates, marking our strides in achieving collective and individual investment goals.

Interested Investors

Do you want to learn more about our consistent 8% returns? Do you have questions about whether our offerings will work for your portfolio? Chat with our investor relations team to learn more.

Operating Partners

Are you an advanced Development or Multifamily Operator looking for partnership opportunities? Connect with our acquisitions team to learn more.

General Inquiries

Do you have general questions about our Entrance Fund© or Davis Global companies? Reach out to our team today.

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