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Casa Santa Sofía

Casa Santa Sofía exemplifies the unparalleled lifestyle offered by Viñedos San Francisco in San Miguel de Allende, with its custom-built design for optimal acoustics, spacious living areas, and breathtaking views. This stunning contemporary home is nestled among vineyards, olive trees, and lavender fields, providing luxurious amenities and a vibrant community for relaxation and creativity.

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Centro constitutes the expansive central district of the town, encompassing both Centro Historico and its surrounding areas. It spans across the hillsides above and below the historical center, extending to the southern region leading to Juarez Park and the northern vicinity behind the Ignacio Ramirez Market. Renowned as a highly coveted residential locale in San Miguel, Centro offers more than just its historic charm. It boasts tranquil enclaves, hillside residences with breathtaking vistas, serene streets, and Juarez Park, which hosts some of the most opulent (and pricey) residences in San Miguel de Allende. A residency within Centro carries a prestigious allure, drawing both homeowners and tenants seeking to immerse themselves in the town's vibrant activities without the necessity of owning a vehicle.

San Antonio

San Antonio stands out as a highly favored district, ranking among the largest neighborhoods in San Miguel. It borders Centro to its east and north, with the sections closest to Centro being particularly sought after. Within San Antonio lies its own distinct church and central square adorned with a fountain, adding to its charm. This vibrant neighborhood hosts a blend of local families, artists, and expats, offering an authentic San Miguel experience. Here, you'll find bustling small markets, eateries, tortilla factories, and artisan workshops contributing to its lively atmosphere. The neighborhood is a prime choice for renters, especially those seeking an immersive experience among the local community.


Guadiana is a serene neighborhood situated in close proximity to both Centro and San Antonio. Bound by Ancha San Antonio, renowned for its eclectic array of shops, restaurants, and a vibrant organic market, Guadiana predominantly comprises residential areas. A central park graces the neighborhood, enhancing its allure. Notably, Guadiana's residences are impeccably maintained, further adding to its appeal. Its popularity stems from its convenient proximity to Centro, offering a flat walking distance and easy access to amenities while maintaining a tranquil setting. In contrast to San Antonio, Guadiana provides residents with a peaceful retreat within reach of the town's bustling activities.


Situated directly uphill from the Jardin, Atascadero, also known as "Los Arcos" due to its entrance through the arched gate of the historic Atascadero Ranch, exudes a tranquil elegance. This residential neighborhood has gradually expanded since the 1950s, resulting in a diverse array of architectural styles. Numerous residences boast panoramic views of the town and the valley, while the neighborhood is renowned for its lush vegetation and spacious gardens.

Viñedo San Francisco

Viñedo San Francisco is north east of town, located on a lush private development of vineyards, olive trees, and lavender. Residents enjoy access to a boutique hotel, a luxurious spa, a gourmet restaurant, and an artisanal winery. The estate also features a sophisticated clubhouse, tennis and polo courts, and private community events. San Francisco is favored by wine enthusiasts and homeowners seeking expansive mountain views, a warm community, and a more secluded lifestyle away from the liveliness of the city.

Los Balcones

Perched above San Miguel, overlooking the market district, lies Los Balcones, a serene residential neighborhood boasting luxury residences. Positioned on the hillside, these properties offer some of the most breathtaking views in San Miguel, encompassing the Parroquia, Centro, and captivating sunsets. Accessing these views typically entails a steep ascent, leading to its colloquial designation as a "walk down, taxi home" neighborhood. Adjacent to Los Balcones, some homes border the botanical garden, adding to the area's allure. A stunning canyon with lakes and scenic hiking trails awaits exploration nearby. Notably, Los Balcones is exclusively residential, meaning local amenities are limited in this tranquil setting.


Obraje is a newer neighborhood situated on the northern fringes of Centro that has swiftly garnered a following. In the level terrain of Obraje, one finds contemporary upscale residences, while ascending the hillside reveals striking new homes boasting expansive views of Centro.

Ojo de Agua

Nestled atop the hillside overlooking Juarez Park, Ojo de Agua commands a prestigious residential presence. Numerous residences in this area offer breathtaking vistas, showcasing panoramic views stretching from Juarez Park to the iconic Parroquia and Centro.


Positioned on the northwest hillside overlooking Centro, Independencia emerges as a burgeoning neighborhood with promising potential. Characterized by its diverse composition, Independencia showcases a blend of modest residences, upscale homes, and everything in between, reflecting a vibrant mix of lifestyles and architectural styles.

Vista Antigua

Nestled on the northern part of town, Vista Antigua stands as a gated community comprising residences, offering many with breathtaking views of downtown San Miguel.


Guadalupe, situated to the north of Centro, provides easy access to the vibrant activities of the town center with a level walk. Renowned for its appeal to artists and designers, Guadalupe is favored for its creative community.


Malanquin is a private gated golf community situated on the southern outskirts of San Miguel, just beyond the ring road encircling the city. Noted for its tranquility, Malanquin is favored by golf enthusiasts and homeowners seeking a more secluded lifestyle away from the bustle of the city.

El Paraiso

Perched at the edge of town, in close proximity to the Salida Queretaro, El Paraiso emerges as a relatively recent addition to the gated community scene. The residences within are meticulously kept, and although some plots remain undeveloped, the neighborhood is steadily evolving with room for growth.

Los Frailes

Positioned beyond the ring road on the southern outskirts of town, Los Frailes stands as a well-established residential neighborhood. Los Frailes has witnessed a surge in popularity due to its abundant, reasonably priced estates, appealing particularly to homeowners seeking spacious properties without the need for a centrally located, walkable environment.

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